Kiki Xuebing WANG

Kiki Xuebing Wang was born in 1993, Zhengzhou, China. She obtained her BFA from University of California, Los Angeles, in 2016 and her MA degree from the Royal College of Art in 2020. She currently lives and works in London. Fascinated with common visual patterns, both commercial and natural ones, and reflecting upon their role as cultural rhetorics, Wang’s practice delves into our mysterious instincts that charge the visual with emotions. The clinging relationship between feelings and objects is further addressed in her prismatic and grainy color which captures the reflected light radiating and escaping from the surface. What she depicts is both a twilight zone between light and the intrinsic color of objects and a saturating presence of the simulacrum world. As the intensity of emotions and memories fluctuates, Wang’s often labyrinthic canvas creates a multi-layered surface that not only probes her experiences but also disrupts the sense of distance in-between different boundaries, tellingly reexamining the two-dimensionality of paintings.

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