Sebastian BURGER

Sebastian BURGER was born in Magdeburg, Germany in 1980. He studied fine arts in Vienna and Leipzig. After completing his undergrad degree, he studied with Prof. Neo Rauch and received his MFA in 2012 from the Academy of Visual Arts. He currently lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Burger’s practice circles around the integrity of the body, its fragmentation, artificiality in an increasingly indirect, digital perception of reality and the construction of identity through its relation with objects’ materiality, texture, and surface. Despite contemporary digitally generated aesthetics, his practice is rooted in the tradition of western renaissance and icon painting, together with references from pop and high culture, art history, fashion, sexuality, and even violence. With captivating and delicate surfaces, in contrast with the metallic hardness and artificiality, together with seemingly illogical juxtapositions, Burger’s works mirror the gaze of the observers, intensifying certain aspects of reality and making them tangible.

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