Soft Serve
Mary Stephenson
2022.12.30 - 2023.03.04

LINSEED is delighted to present UK-based artist Mary Stephenson’s first Asian-Pacific solo exhibition, “Soft Serve”. With her distinctive, dark comedy, Stephenson’s highly saturated worlds move us from the familiar to the uncanny, taking us to the exploration of liminal places between the physical and internal states. The exhibition opens on December 30, 2022, and continues until March 4, 2023. In contrast to her witty and playful depictions, often with frenzied choreographies, of figures and objects in her previous paintings, the exhibition comprises 15 new works that showcase a radical shift in Stephenson’s recent practice. The richly coloured scenes evoke otherworldliness and absurdity as the figures and characters disappear. Inanimate objects, whether it is a set of stacked pillows, an impaled lemon meringue pie, a chair, a piece of cloth, or other paraphernalia, with different motions captured - tilting, melting, unwrapping, floating, stalling - in subtler ways, taking place as the fountain of affective resonance and narratives of the unknowns.

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