Of Celebration and Mourning, Counterpoint
2024.01.06 - 2024.03.02
No. 4 - 165 Wuyuan Rd, Shanghai

LINSEED will present the second edition of “Outlook” project by the gallery terrace, featuring a video installation by artist Fan Bo, “Of Celebration and Mourning, Counterpoint”, opening from January 6 to March 2, 2024.

Fragmented memoiristic narratives run through the two video works that were completed in different times. Blurry family footage in the former seems to suggest a traditional expectation of “building a family” as well as the growth and independence of a person, while the monologue in the latter carries the longing for a deceased loved one; as if two people are talking face-to-face, a single TV is set in a confined space, juxtaposing contemplation on family dynamics and mourning for someone close.

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