A Kitchen Blessing
Tant Zhong
2022.11.11 - 2022.12.18

LINSEED will launch the outdoor project “Outlook” at the terrace of the gallery to explore the vast potential of various creative media within the perhaps limited framework of art, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in creative scenes with unconstraint concepts and approaches.

The first edition of “Outlook” will present the ongoing project “A Kitchen Blessing” by artist Tant Zhong, which will be open from November 11, 2022. Initiated before the citywide lockdown of Shanghai in 2022, the project first involved garlic, this lively creature that is so close to daily sustenance and grows in groups, an almost “communal” manner, which carried Zhong’s and our hope that it would bless us in the first year of the gallery’s permanent space, after three years of the pandemic. However, unexpectedly, the garlic that the artist had initially cultivated for the exhibition became an important food source during the lockdown. After almost an entire year, the garlic has been planted, grown, digested, and now returned to the terrace, eventually incarnated into a “kitchen” where one can make a wish to the “Kitchen God”. Here, the scattered food ingredients on the table will be processed, absorbed, consecrated, and become part of an artwork again, continuing the artist’s contemplation on the production of meanings. 

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Installation Views