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Kiki Xuebing Wang

Kiki Xuebing Wang was born in 1993, Zhengzhou, China.

She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, and acquired her Master of Arts degree from the Royal College of Art in London, UK.

​Biography & CV

Kiki Xuebing Wang_LINSEED Projects.jpeg

Kiki Xuebing Wang: The Green Ray and The Scorpions

2020. 9. 26 - 2020. 11. 22
LINSEED @ Yongkang Rd, Shanghai

West Bund_4 SOLOS_Day 2.jpg


2021.11.11 - 2021.11.14
Westbund Art and Design 2021, Shanghai

Watch the Fire from the Shore_2021_LINSEED Projects.jpg

Watch the Fire from the Shore

2021.11.12 - 2021.12.4
Oniment, Shanghai

2021.11.10 - 2022.1.9
Design Republic, Shanghai

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