Tom Howse was born in 1988 in Chester, UK. He graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2011 and currently lives and works in London. Howse’s paintings balance between realism and fantasy. With his unique anthropological perspective, his works explore what the artist describes as the dichotomy between our quest to know and our fallibility to comprehend, explaining the mysteries of the cosmos, the earth, humanity, and the existence of natural phenomena that has bewildered humankind since ancient times. Taking its form in folklore and myths, Howse is interested in how humans are drawn towards explanations found within these stories and how they are used to soothe the fear of the unknown. Howse’s aesthetics is often based on nature and daily life; the lucid worlds he visualized reveal a touch of absurdity without losing innocence, lending to the experimental and the otherworldly. The perspective in his works is utilized via shifting flat planes, opposing a singular vanishing point that allows for a feeling of moving through a singular world. As we subsequently cross through into a whole new universe at each dimension of the paintings’ existence, Howse’s works trace the interweaving among lives and the infinite universe.

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