The Wheel of Time
Cheng Chi Tien Lin
2022.09.02 - 2022.09.25
3F, No.57 Maoming S Rd., Lyceum Theatre, Shanghai

LINSEED is pleased to present Cheng Chi Tien Lin’s solo exhibition “The Wheel of Time”. In collaboration with Backstage, located at its space at the Lyceum Theatre, the exhibition showcases a series of Cheng’s recent works. The exhibition starts on September 2, 2022, and runs through September 25, 2022. Through his portrayals of beings with the stylized effects of blending and coating, Cheng explores the fluidity and volatility of life, and unfolds the multilayering conceptions of Eastern philosophies. While his works are usually inspired by specific historical or cultural allusions as well as surrounding experiences, the images are depicted in an ambiguous and indistinct manner with blurred lines and hazy blocks of colour, which appear like morning dew, blooming flowers, dead leaves, flames or lightning, reflecting the illusiveness and hollowness of beings among the encounters within and beyond the boundary of our mundane world. 

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