Gestures of Resistance
1a Tenter Ground, London, E1 7NH

LINSEED and A.I., in collaboration, are delighted to present the group exhibition “Gestures of Resistance”, featuring six artists with Asian backgrounds: Weixin QUEK CHONG (b. 1988, Singapore), Min Jia (b. 2001, Ürümqi, China), Samak KOSEM (b. 1984, Thailand), Asami SHOJI (b. 1988, Japan), Rachel YOUN (b.1994, USA), ZHENG Zhilin (b. 1991, Guangdong, China). The exhibition takes place at A.I. (at 1a Tenter Ground, London, E1 7NH) from October 5 to November 25, 2023. Spanning paintings, videos, sculptures, and installations, the works on display give form to the perplexity experienced in different social and cultural contexts. Revealing traces of desire, affection, the tactile, and the intimate, Gestures of Resistance illuminates how the body confronts, disentangles, balances, and reshapes the relationships of different powers.

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