Kiki Xuebing Wang
2023.07.01 - 2023.08.05

LINSEED is pleased to present Kiki Xuebing Wang’s (b. 1993, China) solo exhibition “Ripples” from July 1 to August 5, 2023. Showcasing the artist’s latest works, the exhibition addresses the embodied process of art-making and explores “the difference between the visible and the visual.” 

Kiki Wang’s latest paintings delve into the gestures of layering, cutting, and wiping, and offer a physical approach to visual thinking. Her process involves exploring various historical and painterly efforts that try to negate rational interpretations of an image: the image as form, the image as sign, and the image as visibility. What distinguishes this new series from her previous ornamental work is the difference between the visible and the visual. What can be perceived is visible, but the visual is more about the body and the interconnected world. This creates a unique experience, allowing for the creation of matter, materials, colors, shapes, and lines. For a painter like Wang, the visible representation may be misleading, inviting an ambiguity that a single interpretation cannot resolve. In the beauty of her visual experience, meaning and its material can never be separated again. 

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