LINSEED is delighted to announce the inaugural exhibition Moonstruck Noon at its new gallery space, No. 4 - 165 Wuyuan Road, located at one of the most vibrant blocks of the former French Concession area in Shanghai. The exhibition presents six talented emerging artists from Chinese/Asian and global backgrounds — Sebastian Burger, Fu Liang, Rachel Hobkirk, Catalina Ouyang, Tao Siqi, and Nana Wolke, opening on July 8th, 2022, and continues until August 6th, 2022. Through the representation of bodies in various creative manners, the artists have explored their relationship with the surroundings, intimate objects and images they experienced. In The Poetics of Space, French philosopher Gaston Bachelard described intimacies as gained by an inner vision characterised by a deep familiarity with one’s passion, with light, colours, or form. Practising different media such as painting, sculpture, and moving image, the six artists present viewers with poetic, sensual, dreamy moments and mental landscapes that evoke emotional bonds. 

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