Swallow Mountain, Drain Sea

LINSEED is pleased to present the group show “Swallow Mountain, Drain Sea” from May 4 to June 17, 2023, shedding light on the recent works of seven emerging artists with Asian backgrounds: CHEN Jinbin, CHENG Tingting, Kara CHIN, Damien H. DING, Lyn LIU, Daniel UM, XIA Shafei. Despite their distinctive approaches, these artists explore the ways in which perceptual and visceral experiences can be shared or even inhabited through art-making. As George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, both prominent linguisticians and philosophers, have argued in their book Metaphors We Live By, our language and ways of thinking are not essentially representational. Instead, the mind is very well rooted in our sense of space and physical substance. The two scholars propose the idea of ‘CONTAINER’ to underline the embodied mind. Evoking the gamut of sense of space, from cramped to cavernous, the paintings, videos, and installations in the exhibition bring to the fore the embodiment in visual forms. As religious, dystopian, fantastical, and liminal space unfolds throughout the show, the artworks in turn act as containers of idiosyncratic experiences, tellingly making embodied metaphors of the space we live in.

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