Braiding Corridors
2023.08.18 - 2023.09.19

LINSEED is pleased to present TIAN Yi’s (b. 1992, China) solo project “Braiding Corridors”, which explores the perceptions of species in the context of scientific mystery and sci-fi narratives through a series of sculptures that intertwine architectural landscapes and organic textures. These organic abstractions evoke a sense of instability and ambiguity between a vast array of associations like the internet of things. Reflecting upon the relationship between an entity and its inhabiting environment, the artist reexamines the ineffable anxiety towards the unknown from both the natural and virtual world, and fabricates her own narrative which illuminates the fortuity in the process of development and questions the line between the imaginary and the real. The exhibition opens on August 18, 2023, and runs through September 19, 2023.

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